Commitment to an "Integrated Production System"

At YKK AP, one of our prides in Monozukuri is our "Integrated Production System". For example, in the production of aluminum building materials, we procure aluminum ingots and recycled materials and undertake the entire process, from melting and casting, manufacturing of molds, extrusion molding, surface treating, to processing them. We uphold our commitment to quality by maintaining high standards, starting with producing raw materials. In addition to manufacturing production equipment in-house, we also design production lines for manufacturing sites where automation is well underway. Furthermore, as building components demonstrate their performance for the first time when integrated into buildings, we are also focused on developing and spreading technologies to enhance efficiency and save also in logistics and construction.

From the smallest details to the most dynamic applications.

YKK AP makes even the smallest parts in-house, down to a single screw that makes up a product. Such commitment to quality that go into every small component contribute to better products, comfort, safety, and security. On the other hand, our accumulation of technologies for windows and curtain walls are vital for dynamic buildings, including high-rise buildings. We also undertake highly challenging projects that embody the visions of architects and designers, with their unique shapes properties, [meeting] challenging environmental conditions, and so forth.

Kurobe, the technology headquarters

Many of YKK AP's technologies are born in Kurobe, Toyama. It is not only a manufacturing base, but it is also where various technology centers, such as the "YKK AP R&D Center", "Value Verification Center", and "Partners Support Studio", converge. We realize Monozukuri that pursues high quality and technologies based on a system to achieve prompt and timely manufacturing and product development.

Kurobe, the technology headquarters

Installation Examples

Technology and Monozukuri incorporated into projects

Please see global installation examples that employ YKK AP's curtain walls.

Progressing Broadly, Deeply, and with Many People Monozukuri at YKK AP

Global R&D organization

Global R&D organization

Architectural products, such as windows, doors, and curtain walls, require different specifications based on the climate and culture of each region or country. YKK AP has been operating its businesses rooted in local communities across 12 countries and regions. In research and development, YKK AP R&D Centers were established in Kurobe (Japan), Germany, and Indonesia. In Germany, their research focuses on advanced window technologies such as functional parts and high-performance glass, while in Indonesia, the focus is on research and development tailored to living environments in hot and humid regions.

In addition, "xTech Lab" opened in the U.S.A. will surveys, research, and development on various digital component technologies to improve installation productivity and quality, as well as create innovation.

Honing and Sharing Technologies

Honing and Sharing Technologies

YKK AP not only emphasizes the mastery and succession of manufacturing technologies within the company but also places importance on sharing the technologies with partner companies responsible for product assembly, transportation, and installation. YKK AP also addresses labor shortages in the construction industry by working on developing technologies for labor efficiency, including expanding easy-installation products that require less labor and tools to support construction.

Within the company

Technical Award System, Small Group Activities (TPM and QC), Safety Training (Self-Maintenance Specialist & Mechanical Maintenance Engineers), and Skilled Worker Certification System, among others.

Partner Companies

Installation Skills Academy (for sash and curtain wall installation technician), Partner's Support Studio (for professional users), DO SPACE (for exterior installation technician), and Education for Transportation Companies (for transporters), among others.

Our Commitment to Monozukuri (video)

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