YKK Group Code of Conduct

YKK Group has established the YKK Group Code of Conduct that sets the scopes of behavior of which YKK Group employees in all countries and regions should be aware. The Code was revised in FY 2021 in light of recent changes in the demands of society and increased importance of sustainability.

YKK Global Criteria of Compliance

YKK AP introduced the YKK Global Criteria of Compliance (YGCC), the YKK Group's compliance standards based on the YKK Philosophy of the "Cycle of Goodness" and ISO 26000, and s developing and operating a compliance system.
For more information, please click on the following link to the "YKK Global Criteria of Compliance" page.

Corporate Compliance System

We have established a Compliance Committee to promote the YKK AP Group corporate compliance system. Divided into five units, this system promotes the compliance activities of YKK AP and affiliated companies. Each unit is working independently to enhance monitoring, including compliance with rules, regulations, and guidelines.

Putting compliance into practice

Distribution of the "YKK Group Compliance Book"

With the aim of increasing understanding, awareness, and sensitivity to the YKK Group Code of Conduct, which applies to all across the world, we distribute the "YKK Group Compliance Book" to all employees to spur change in how they think and act to promote compliance activities throughout YKK Group.

YKK Group Compliance Book

Implementation of compliance education

As part of our compliance activities, we regularly holding compliance training for corporate officers, at least two hours of compliance training is provided to all employees each year. We also provide education in specialized fields led by the relevant specialized departments and committees (HR, purchasing, environmental safety management, trade management, information security, technical asset management, the environment, etc.).

Introduction of the Whistleblowing System in YKK Group

YKK Group has introduced the "YKK Group Whistleblowing System" to prevent illegal business acts in carrying out business activities and build a strong compliance-adhering structure by taking early action. The system allows employees to anonymously consult and report behavior that violates laws, work regulations, and company rules to internal and external contact points. This system has been made available to all users. We also have consultation desks inside and outside of the company to help employees with work environment matters, mental concerns, and health.
We have also set up whistleblowing contact points for overseas companies to establish a structure that enables consulting and reporting.


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