Monozukuri and the Value Chain

Material Procurement

Material Procurement

Procurement Policy and CSR Procurement

The YKK Group has a procurement policy consisting of organizational governance and human rights. In order to conduct CSR procurement based on this policy, we have established a set of "Basic Transaction Principles" that explicitly stipulate compliance with laws and regulations and fair transactions. In addition, we conduct CSR questionnaires to check the status of our initiatives.

YKK AP also conducts "green procurement," which involves prioritizing the purchase of environmentally friendly materials in accordance with the "YKK AP Basic Policy on Green Procurement."

Declaration of Partnership Building

In keeping with the YKK Philosophy, Management Principle, and Purpose, we are strengthening our partnerships with suppliers and business operators in the supply chain with the aim of fulfilling our social responsibilities. We drew up and announced a "Declaration of Partnership Building" with the aim of building relationships of co-existence and mutual prosperity.

See details in the Declaration of Partnership Building page


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