Industrial Health and Safety

Our basic view

In accordance with its Health and Safety Pledge, the YKK Group strives to create work environments where employees can work safely and with reassurance by taking health and safety into consideration and promoting a strong awareness of health and safety by every employee.

YKK Group Health and Safety Pledge

Enhancement of corporate quality is needed today so that we may respond appropriately in all of our business activities to the rapid changes occurring in social circumstances.
The YKK Group will aim to eliminate causes of hazard and harm at all of its workplaces, and maintain and promote good psychological and physical health by creating working environments that are friendly to all employees.
We proclaim that the YKK Group will forge ahead, with all participating, to realize workplaces that are suitable for today's age.

YKK AP Health and Safety Basic Policy

YKK AP recognizes that its most important corporate management obligation is to put an end to industrial accidents, and to build healthy, comfortable workplaces.
All employees join together to achieve the goal of creating safe, secure working environments.

"Exceptional safety"
Safety, quality, and customers should all come first.
However, safety is in a class all of its own.


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