Respect for Human Rights

Policy and Issues concerning Human Rights

In accordance with the "Cycle of Goodness" approach, we respect the human rights of every individual stakeholder in every country and region. The YKK AP Human Rights Policy was formulated in line with the revision of the YKK Group Human Rights Policy. YKK AP has set out its own Human Rights Policy Statement that, while sharing the fundamentals of the YKK Group policy, takes into account the human rights issues that arise in relation to YKK AP's business activities. Accordingly, we will further strengthen our efforts to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by appealing not only to our employees but also our business partners.

Structure and initiatives to promote human rights

We require not only our own employees but also our business partners involved in our products and services to comply with both the "YKK Group Human Rights Policy" and the "YKK AP Human Rights Policy" and promote our stated efforts. We also strengthen further our efforts the "YKK Group Code of Conduct" and the Materiality (priority issues) by including "respect for human rights".

Establishing a Human Rights Working Group to promote internal understanding

We established a Human Rights Working Group (WG) as part of the Compliance Committee in FY2022, and is strengthening its efforts by integrating the human rights initiatives from our past business activities into the entire company. In addition to promoting understanding of the current situation through assessment of new human rights risks and evaluating their level of importance and severity, we are conducting video training on "Business and Human Rights" to raise awareness of human rights and promote understanding within the company.

Initiatives and targets for "respect for human rights" in Materiality

Initiatives and targets for "respect for human rights" in Materiality

Establishment of Business Partner Consultation and Reporting Channel

If it becomes apparent that a YKK AP business, product or service has caused or contributed to a negative impact on the human rights of anyone affected by that business, product or service, YKK AP will deal with the concerned persons in good faith and work to correct the corporate activities that were the cause of the issue. Furthermore, if it becomes clear that there is a direct relation between a YKK AP business, product or service and a negative impact on human rights, or if such a relation is suspected, we will strive to remedy the situation by communicating with the related party. We will work to build systems by which we can receive the concerns and complaints of stakeholders and strive to solve problems or implement remedies. These systems will include internal and external communication channels by which people who have, or may have, suffered negative impacts to their human rights can communicate with our company.


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