Responsible Procurement

Fundamental Approach

YKK Group enforces a procurement policy consisting of organizational governance, human rights, labor practices, the environment, fair business practices, and consumer issues.
This policy is used as a basis for conducting CSR procurement aimed at fulfilling our social responsibilities throughout the supply chain.

YKK Group Procurement Policy

We have based our business activities on the conviction, under the "Cycle of Goodness" YKK Philosophy, that an enterprise is an important member of society, that it must thereby coexist with other elements of society, and the value of its existence will be recognized by the benefits it shares with society.
The belief behind this is that no one prospers without rendering benefit to others.
We carry out business activities with the aim of bringing mutual prosperity, and our intent is that innovative ideas and inventions will result in business expansion for the YKK Group, which in turn would bring prosperity to customers and trading partners, and thus benefit all society.
This is none other than our execution of sustainability.

Organizational Governance

In Japan and overseas, we endeavor to understand and know each country's laws and regulations that pertain to our business, and to observe them in our activities. We are committed to fair and transparent dealings, and do not enter into cartels or collusion.

Human Rights

We strive to conduct dealings with due consideration of human rights, and endeavor to conduct transactions that do not involve forced labor, child labor, human trafficking, illegal employment of foreign workers, unfair discrimination, or other such practices.

Labor Practices

We encourage and pursue procurement from business partners whose employment conditions and health and safety standards, including remuneration and working conditions, comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which they conduct their activities, and who promote the creation of workplaces where employees can work with peace of mind.


We aim for Sustainable Procurement , which gives due consideration to environmental protection, resource conservation, climate change countermeasures, and similar.

Fair Operating Practices

We appropriately consider the various values involved in a transaction, including quality, price, delivery dates, and procurement periods, and engage in rational decision-making accordingly.
We evaluate the operating conditions, technological capability, and corporate positioning of business partners, and pursue transactions that respect corporate social responsibilities.

Consumer Issues

We listen to the opinions of stakeholders and endeavor to bring an ethical awareness to our dealings.

Basic Principles of Procurement

In order to deepen mutual understanding with our business partners, we have established our Basic Principles of Procurement that stipulate the following five principles: Compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms along with fair and ethical transactions; Consideration for human rights and the labor environment; Consideration for health, safety, and the environment; Quality and product safety assurance; and Information security assurance.

Request to Our Trading Partners

In carrying out our business activities around the world, the YKK Group is expected to undertake sustainability throughout its supply chain. Working hand-in-hand with our trading partners is essential to achieve this.
For this reason, and so that we may promote mutual understanding with our trading partners, the YKK Group has specified the following requests as "Basic Principles of Procurement". We ask for your understanding and assent, and we hope that you will join us in the fulfillment of our responsibilities to society.

Green procurement

Under the "YKK AP Basic Policy on Green Procurement", stipulated in the "Green Procurement Guidelines" established to promote products and manufacturing that contribute to a sustainable society, we also promote "Green Procurement" initiatives, prioritizing purchasing environment-friendly materials from environmentally conscious companies.

YKK AP Basic Policy on Green Procurement

In accordance with YKK AP's Environmental Management Policy, we will purchase environmentally-friendly materials and parts from environmentally-friendly companies (companies that are proactive about the environment) to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities as a whole and promote the development and provision of environmentally friendly products, thereby contributing to the realization of a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society.

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