YKK AP Social Media Policy

Last modified: Mar 29, 2024

YKK AP Inc. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "YKK AP") have established the following social media policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") for the use of social media* and will ensure that it is adhered to.

  • For the purposes of this Policy, "social media" is a generic term for social networking services (SNS) and other media that enable the transmission and exchange of personal information and other information over the internet.

Purpose of YKK AP's Use of Social Media

In order to raise awareness of the YKK AP brand and to gain and improve trust in the YKK AP brand by promoting understanding of YKK AP's products, services, and initiatives, YKK AP will conduct interactive communications in the form of information dissemination and content provision via social media.

YKK AP Official Social Media Accounts

YKK AP will clearly indicate the official social media accounts it operates (hereinafter referred to as "YKK AP Official Accounts") on individual company websites, etc.

Attitude toward the Use of Social Media

YKK AP (not only the operators of the YKK AP Official Accounts, but also all officers and employees who interact with social media in their professional and private lives) will take the following attitude with respect to the use of social media.

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and respect the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, and other rights of third parties. Take care not to infringe on the rights of third parties or to cause harm to the integrity or reputation of specific individuals or organizations.
  • Recognize that once information or content is disseminated on social media, it cannot be completely deleted.
  • When publishing information or content on the YKK AP Official Account pages or channels, the relevant department within YKK AP will thoroughly check such information or content prior to publishing.
  • Act with sincerity to earn the trust of the public, who are the audience for our information, by addressing their comments with sincerity.
  • When using (posting, uploading, etc.) photographs, illustrations, video works, or other copyrighted materials created by third parties on a YKK AP Official Account page or channel, obtain prior and appropriate permission from the third party or legitimate right holder before using such materials as a matter of course.

Requests Regarding Interactions on Social Media

  • On YKK AP Official Account pages and channels, YKK AP Official Account operators may interact with users of the YKK AP Official Accounts (hereinafter referred to as "Users") by responding to their comments, etc., and by expressing reactions through the use of "Likes" and similar features. However, note that this does not guarantee that a response or reaction will be given to all User communications.
  • There may be cases where YKK AP contacts social media users, including Users, directly through YKK AP Official Accounts in order to post or present photos and other information on YKK AP Official Accounts or YKK AP official website pages and channels.

Handling of Intellectual Property Rights

  • The copyrights to the content posted by YKK AP on YKK AP Official Account pages and channels, including images and videos, trademark rights related to the corporate logo and names of products and services included in such content, portrait rights of celebrities appearing in such content, and other intellectual property rights related to such content belong to YKK AP or third parties that have granted permission to YKK AP to use such content. The posting of content by YKK AP does not imply the granting of any rights to use such content. Please refrain from using (duplicating, republishing, uploading, selling, etc.) such content without the permission of YKK AP, except in cases where use is permitted under the Copyright Act or other laws and regulations.
  • All rights and responsibilities related to comments, etc. posted by Users on YKK AP Official Account pages and channels belong to the Users in question, as long as such comments do not violate the terms of use stipulated by the operators of social media platforms. However, by posting comments on YKK AP Official Account pages and channels, Users are deemed to have granted YKK AP the perpetual right to use such comments worldwide, regionally, and in all areas, free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis, and to have agreed not to exercise their moral rights, etc. against YKK AP.

Prohibited Behavior

Please refrain from the following behavior when using YKK AP Official Account pages and channels. If a User engages in any of the following behavior on a YKK AP Official Account page or channel, YKK AP may, at its own discretion and without giving prior notice to the User, take measures such as hiding or deleting the relevant postings or blocking the User.

  1. Behavior that violates laws and regulations or is associated with criminal activity (including acts that threaten criminal activity or encourage criminal activity).
  2. Disclosing or divulging personal or other related information without the consent of the individual concerned, or otherwise violating the privacy of a specific individual.
  3. Behavior that defames YKK AP, YKK AP's officers or employees, or any third party, or that causes harm to the integrity or reputation of any of these parties.
  4. Behavior that infringes on copyrights, trademarks, design rights, or other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, or other rights held by YKK AP or a third party.
  5. Posting of images, videos, comments, etc. that constitute any of the following:
    1. Suggestive or obscene content
    2. Grotesque content or content depicting cruelty
    3. Content that is discriminatory or promotes discrimination (including, but not limited to, content that defames or disparages a specific race, ethnicity, country/region, religion, etc.).
    4. Content that encourages inappropriate use of drugs
    5. Anti-social content
    6. Content intended to cause discomfort to others
    7. Ethically questionable content
    8. Content unrelated to YKK AP Official Account pages and channels
    9. Other content contrary to public order and decency
  6. Actions related to political, electoral, or religious activities
  7. Actions for the purpose of affiliate marketing, advertising, promotion, solicitation, etc.
  8. Impersonation of a third party
  9. Posting false information or otherwise attempting to mislead a third party
  10. Actions involving the provision of harmful programs, or actions involving the risk thereof
  11. Behavior that interferes with healthy social media interaction or interferes with the operation of YKK AP Official Accounts
  12. Actions that violate the terms of use established by operators of social media platforms
  13. Other behavior that YKK AP deems inappropriate


  • The information on YKK AP Official Account pages and channels and the comments of YKK Official Account operators do not necessarily represent official announcements by YKK AP or the opinions thereof. Please refer to YKK AP's "News Releases" for official announcements from YKK AP.
  • YKK AP cannot answer any questions regarding the functions and usage of individual social media platforms, the operational status of individual social media systems, or any other technical questions.
  • YKK AP may suspend or terminate the operation of all or some of the YKK AP Official Accounts at its own discretion without prior notice.
  • YKK AP will not bear any liability for any problems, disputes, or damages incurred by Users or third parties due to the use of or inability to use YKK AP Official Account pages or channels.

Revision of the Social Media Policy

YKK AP may revise this Policy at any time without prior notice. In such cases, a revised version will be published, so please make sure to check for the latest information.