Diversity and Inclusion

Our Basic Principle

YKK AP has issued the "Diversity & Inclusion Declaration" with the aim of utilizing the diversity of human resources to create new value and increase our future competitiveness in the international community. In particular, as priority issues, we are striving to strengthen the hiring of female employees and support their career development, as well as to expand and entrench the employment of persons with disabilities.

Diversity & Inclusion Declaration

Based on the concept of "fairness," we will create new value through mutual recognition and acceptance of differences in age, gender, educational background, nationality, and disability, etc.

  1. We aim to create a workplace where anyone can engage in their work actively and comfortably with motivation, regardless of generation.
  2. We aim to cultivate female leaders who can make proposals and improvements utilizing diverse perspectives in the fields of sales, manufacturing, technology, and management.
  3. We aim for a company that can respond to the demands of society through each employee's diverse values.

Promoting diversity

Creating a work environment for a diverse range of personnel to play an active role

We are working to create an environment and design systems that enable a diverse range of personnel to play an active role, such as easing restrictions on dual/secondary employment and introducing a shortened working hours system. In FY2022, we also conducted a "Job Satisfaction and Workplace Diversity Questionnaire" to ascertain the actual situation regarding balancing work and nursing care. Going forward, we will work to reduce anxiety over nursing care and improve the ease of balancing it with work.

Promoting the active participation of women

The "AP Women's Career Development Program, a career development support program for female employees under the 6th Mid-term Management Plan, provides support for the long-term career development of participants through various training programs such as career training, internal exchange meetings, and the operation of a mentor system.


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