Health Management

Our basic view

We view the health of our employees and their families as a management issue, and under our "Health Declaration" adopted in 2018, we have promoted the establishment of a healthy environment, etc., to reduce lifestyle-related diseases and control psychological disorders. As such, we have been recognized as a "2023 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (Large Corporation Division)."

Health Declaration

Health Declaration

YKK AP aspires to become a company where all employees are able to work with pride and pleasure.
We believe that a prerequisite for achieving this goal is for all our employees and their family members to maintain and improve their mental and physical health, which will enable every employee to demonstrate their unique qualities and capabilities to the maximum and to propel our company's growth and contribute to society.
Based on this concept, our company, Health Insurance Society, employees and their families are united in their endeavors for health promotion.

Fundamental Health Promotion Policy

The YKK Group sees the health of its employees are an important company asset, and we work with employees to promote good health by supporting the ability of each employee to continue working on good physical and mental health and reducing lifestyle-related disease and mental illness.

Health Promotion Targets and Initiatives

YKK implements various initiatives based on policies and plans formulated by the "YKK Group Health Promotion Council".

Action Targets (Japan)

  1. Take action to reduce lifestyle-related disease
  2. Take measures to reduce mental illness
  3. Take measures to support a balance between treatment for illness and work

We are promoting both prevention and treatment through a nationwide system of health management centers and industrial physicians. To prevent lifestyle-related disease, we are working to improve the quality of health management through employee health evaluations using a health management support system, promoting the implementation of post-checkup measures, and cooperating with the Health Insurance Society to encourage lifestyle improvements. We are also taking steps to create workplaces with zero secondhand smoke throughout the company. To prevent mental health issues, we are expanding mental health training, supporting self-care using a stress check system, and improving work environments.

Initiatives for health promotion

Establishment of Health Consultation services

We have established a health consultation service both inside and outside the company to promote the maintenance of employee physical and mental health. Inside the company, employees can consult with industrial physicians at business locations and nurses at health management centers, at any time. We also work with external organizations to provide appropriate mental healthcare for employees through counseling by e-mail, by phone, and via remote interviews. This program makes it possible for employees to consult with counselors about a wide variety of concerns regarding their future and their career, etc., and also promotes mental health and increases motivation for work. We help employees to engage in their work actively and comfortably through these efforts.

Support for smoking cessation

We will prohibit smoking inside the company during working hours, beginning in April 2025. Along with sequential closure of smoking areas in business locations that have had separated smoking areas, we will strive to make all employees aware of support programs and encourage them to quit smoking.


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