Product safety Basic Policy

Our Basic Principle

YKK AP established a Quality Committee to deliver safe and reliable products to all our customers, actively addressing aspects such as "quality", "product safety", and "product liability (PL)" from the customer's perspective.  Under the basic principle of contributing to the enhancement of the value of the YKK AP brand by consistently providing high-quality products, we engage in activities such as support from each department, employee education and awareness. We also strive to pursue the inherent safety of our products and share relevant information.

YKK AP Product Safety Basic Policy

In order to contribute to establishing a culture of product safety as promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as well as to bring the entire company together and work as one to actively implement product safety efforts so that we can provide our customers with safety and security, YKK AP Inc. adopted the YKK AP Product Safety Basic Policy, comprised of the Product Safety Pledge and Product Safety Action Guidelines, at its Board of Directors meeting on November 21, 2008.

While the YKK Group has conducted its business activities centered on its commitment to quality since its founding, we will take this opportunity to further strengthen our efforts in pursuit of product safety.

Product Safety Pledge

Product Safety Pledge

YKK AP makes it a top priority to ensure product safety. We have formulated the following Product Safety Basic Policy to provide our customers with safety and security and to put into practice one of the core values we uphold at the YKK Group, which is to continue being committed to quality. We will actively promote product safety efforts to this end.

Product safety Action Guidelines

1.Compliance with laws, regulations, etc.

We will comply with various laws, regulations, safety standards, etc. related to product safety established in the regions and areas in which we do business.

2.Ensuring product safety

We will strive to prevent accidents caused by misuse or inattention by taking steps to ensure safety of the products themselves through establishing our own standards from the users' point of view in addition to official standards related to product safety, as well as by providing appropriate information to customers who use our products and businesses that handle our products.

3.Building a system to promote product safety

We will work to analyze and reduce risk at each stage, from planning, developing, and designing products to shipping, assembly, installation, use, and disposal as well as build a system to promote product safety including materials and components, etc.

4.Formulating and implementing a voluntary action plan

We will work to raise consciousness of product safety as well as develop and advance a culture of product safety by formulating and operating a voluntary action plan for product safety to make continuous improvements.

5.Collecting and disclosing product accident information

In addition to proactively collecting information about product accidents, etc. (including potential accidents) from customers, businesses that handle our products, government agencies, etc., we will respond and provide information quickly and appropriately.

6.Responding when product accidents occur

When a product accident occurs, we will immediately confirm the facts, report to relevant agencies in accordance with laws, regulations, etc., investigate the cause, and provide redress for victims. If there is the possibility that the accident may reoccur or spread, we will provide information appropriately and recall the product or take other measures necessary to prevent accident reoccurrence and spread.

7.Auditing, reviewing, and improving the system to promote product safety

We will conduct audits on a regular basis to examine whether each action related to product safety is carried out appropriately and in line with related laws and regulations, official standards, our own standards, etc. We will also review and revise these guidelines and the voluntary action plan as necessary based on changes in the market and social awareness as well as progress in science and technology, etc.


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